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Stepping down

Comrades, thank you for the opportunity!
It's been more than seven years that I have been contributing to the international co-ordination of our movement - I enjoyed a lot being part of my own dream.

I was travelling to many countries, I visited Belgium, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Croatia, Poland, Kosovo, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Macau, Haiti, India, Malta and some more others countries which I can't remember anymore.

I had the possibility to meet interesting people, amazing leaders of our movement, other organisations and civil society in general and I was able to learn French and Spanish and to contribute to the building of a new society.

In particular I am proud of the whole process which lead to the “symbolic action” in Passau in November 2006. Unfortunately an evaluation has never been done, but I believe we were right during the council in Venezuela when we decided this continental campaign in order to implement the IPA 2004-2008 in Europe and to develop t…