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Stepping down

Comrades, thank you for the opportunity!
It's been more than seven years that I have been contributing to the international co-ordination of our movement - I enjoyed a lot being part of my own dream.

I was travelling to many countries, I visited Belgium, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Croatia, Poland, Kosovo, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Macau, Haiti, India, Malta and some more others countries which I can't remember anymore.

I had the possibility to meet interesting people, amazing leaders of our movement, other organisations and civil society in general and I was able to learn French and Spanish and to contribute to the building of a new society.

In particular I am proud of the whole process which lead to the “symbolic action” in Passau in November 2006. Unfortunately an evaluation has never been done, but I believe we were right during the council in Venezuela when we decided this continental campaign in order to implement the IPA 2004-2008 in Europe and to develop t…

Wenn du wüsstest

wenn du wüsstest

wie besonders du bist
besonders für mich
mit Leichtigkeit würde ich dich halten
ganz nah
bei mir

ewig dich behüten
so vereint, dass ich mit Leichtigkeit
dich erdrücken könnte
unter meinen Fittichen fühlst du dich geschützt
du hast Schwierigkeiten dir vorzustellen
eines Tages wirst du gehen

und ich will dich fliegen sehen
frei in der Luft
die Sterne berühren
wissen, dass du schön bist
ich kann dir nur beibringen
mir beizubringen, dich loslassen
Lieben ist auch ein wenig so

wenn du wüsstest
die Geschichte dieses Jungen
zerbrechlich wie Du es bist
es war meine Mutter
die mir davon erzählte
ich hatte in etwa dein Alter

nein, ich wollte nicht hören
draußen wartete die Welt auf mich, oh ich war
mehr als in Eile
du, der du auf der guten Seite geboren bist
dein Leben ist schön, wunderschön
lass mich dich nur beschützen

ich will dich fliegen sehen
frei in der Luft
die Sterne berühren
wissen, dass du schön bist
ich kann dir nur beibringen
alles was ich weiß,
draußen kann es auc…

Coordinators returning

Some reflections about coordinators returning to the base after finishing their mandate.

Respecting the level of awareness According to my experienceycw is functioning best when the young workers (yws) who are part of the action are taking action according to their level of awareness.

“Are the actors of the action playing a role and are they havingresponsibilities and tasks that correspond to their level of awareness or not?” For me, over the last years, this has become the most important question to analyse the “Task of Education” process of an action.

Respecting the level of awareness means on the one handchallenging the yws to do their “best” - which guarantees “training through action” and therefore personal transformation. The consequence is an active, dynamic and stable participation in the action – in other words: motivation, engagement and commitment. On the other hand respecting the level of awareness also prevents us from asking too much and discouraging the yws.

As a co…