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We can fly, if we only want

Does one everything alone, one carries the burden of the world on ones shoulders. - Does everybody something, we hold a feather in our hand and we can fly, if we only want. I love this sentence, It means so much to me and it explains in such a positive way my vision of participation. You might ask now: “Why participation?” - Because I believe participation is one key-element in order to progress and to face any difficulty a group may face.

So I'll better start right at the beginning. I work for the international co-ordination of the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW). My colleagues and I just finished our yearly meeting, the meeting of the “International Team” (IT) of IYCW.

The IT consists of 14 persons working in 5 teams in all four continents: Latin America, Africa, Asia-Pacific (incl. Australia) and Europe and we have an “International Secretariat” which tries to bring together the four “Regional Teams” in order to form one team, the IT. Our work languages are Englis…